City and Community

Evansville: History in Motion

Founded in 1839, Evansville was originally referred to as the “the Grove” in reference to a stand of trees just northwest of town.  Although our name has changed, Evansville has maintained its charm and small-town, friendly atmosphere.

Our historic roots are important to us, as evidenced by the numerous restoration projects undertaken by the City of Evansville and downtown businesses over the past decade.  Today, the bulk of  the facades along Evansville’s Main Street, and even the brick-paved street itself, have been returned to their former glory.

While we honor the past, we are ever moving forward.  Events that celebrate our  of “Green Leader” status, organizations that support new businesses and ideas, as well as our strong K12 school district are all evidence of Evansville’s investments in our future.

For more information about the community of Evansville, including local events, download our community guide by going to our home page.

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